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Advance health care IT vendor market strong
Published:2010-10-20 9:08:15  Read:2892
Medical information from the past stand-alone single-user applications, and now a wide range of regional medical, health characteristics of the application of information technology has changed significantly. IT vendors to accurately grasp the special needs of the medical industry, information technology solutions and professional health care providers beach business opportunities?

Since the introduction of new medical reform policy, from the multinational IBM, Microsoft, HP, Dell local solution provider to Neusoft, UF, Digital ... ... IT vendors have already have a strong advance health care market, health care information technology solutions and professional business landing opportunities. Medical Information After nearly 30 years of development, from the initial stand-alone single-user application to the departmental system applications, development-level systems to full application of the hospital, to the wider regional health care, the application features significant changes have taken place . In this process, how to grasp the opportunities to expand their business? IT vendors to accurately grasp the specific needs of the medical industry? Vendors of IT, medical information technology as a new but somewhat familiar with the area, so that they both excited and hesitant.

In the new health reform program, information technology as one of the pillars of unprecedented occupy a special chapter. Proved more than a year of hard work, the medical profession and indeed to the IT companies has brought no small reward. According to market analyst firm IDC analysis and forecasting, as of 2010, the overall IT market, China's investment in health care will reach 120 billion yuan. Hospital as an example, at present, a total of 30,000 hospitals, including the 1200 top three hospitals, but to achieve patient medical station, hospital doctors station less than 20% of information technology. This figure means that in the new promotion policy, health reform, health care information is expected following the financial, telecommunications and other industries, the become one of the fastest growing application market.

This is for many IT vendors, both an opportunity and a challenge.

Number of major manufacturers to increase investment in health care

3.9 billion in the acquisition of information services provider Perot Systems, Dell announced its entry into China's high-profile health care industry. According to foreign media reports, as early as the beginning of the acquisition of Perot Systems, Dell launched a series of medical and health information for the field of China's expansion plans: First Joint Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society survey found that the existing national health information weak links, making practical plans, and then joined the Management Committee of the Hospital Association information providers Club, as its members. Behind these activities, it is not difficult to find, including Dell and other large multinational companies, including many IT solution providers in China's far-reaching health care market attempts.

In contrast, the first action is to IBM. Almost in the new health reform policy introduced at the same time, IBM announced the establishment of "IBM healthcare industry solutions lab," and launched a series of IBM intellectual health solutions, working to build a "patient centered" health care system. Followed, Neusoft has set up a "business development, Neusoft Medical Health Center", also released the new comprehensive health care reform in the medical and health solutions, these solutions to electronic health records, digital dictionary electronic medical records and health standard, medical and health information covering the whole process. Subsequently, the UF was announced to spend 100 million yuan to set up exclusively for the wholly owned subsidiary of medical information in order to compete for medical information markets; In addition, Wilmar Holdings of Singapore to invest in China, a wholly owned subsidiary, to focus on for the healthcare industry to provide comprehensive solutions; Microsoft in China to set up medical technology development team for the actual needs of medical institutions in China, providing localized solutions; as many IT companies like Olympus is known by everyone of their photographic equipment, and its achievements in the medical field are poorly understood. In this regard, Olympus (Beijing) Sales & Service Co., Ltd. Osaka, general manager of yin yang fully explained: "This is because the medical field is based B2B sales model."

B2B marketing is also a model, HP's high-profile medical done and impressive, HP Mobile Information Products Information Products Group and general manager Chen Guowei told reporters: "health care reform efforts in a large investment, how to achieve health care information technology has become a top priority. Medical industry use and demand is very special for this and other sectors are very different. "

Undoubtedly, the major reason why the fight went to solution providers feast of medical reform, increase in investment in health information technology market, no doubt directed at business opportunities from information technology: a well-known fact is that in the next three years in the new 850 billion health care reform The total investment in, cutting the cake to the medical information at least 100 billion.

Medical information, and stability is of overriding

"At this moment, you feel I know. I know you're able to run around, I know you mood to wait, I know you want to know everything, I know you want to get away and then not far away, I know that the more will do more for you, because you see a doctor, look at me ... ... "the subway to work from mobile TV, from the taxi's radio, and even family gossip from the night's TV time, we always hear paragraph, which is introduced Founder medical information management system for creative advertising. As the major PC vendors, is now open for the natural health industry, specializes in the IT terminal from its development effort. In view of the medical industry's high demand on the server, naturally gives rise to a special standard for IT equipment, Beijing Founder Zhongbang Jiang Yong, general manager of digital medical interview, said: "The hospital is relatively high demands on the server, unlike the financial system worse. in particular, hospitals can not crash, because a higher degree of hospital information system crash, then a lot of business going to stop, which is inconvenient for patients and clinic patients, the hospital's business is also a very great influence. Therefore, the hospital information great value of the stability of the system, the requirements of the server is very high, in short, stability is the first request. Another is on the performance requirements, because the hospital is very large applications, involving complex systems, the output of the computer requirements are relatively high. "

In order to accurately grasp the application of the medical needs of IT industry, Founder of engineers across the country will visit the medical industry clients, and more than 1,000 secondary hospitals nationwide to conduct research. The PC terminal application, for example, in the provision of PC products, Founder will provide simple, understandable guide books. If necessary, also for the village health station doctors to provide the necessary computer training. In the face of a wide range of new rural cooperative projects, doctors lack the necessary skills in computer maintenance situation, Founder, through distributors and local service companies to cooperate, to extend its services system, four or five-class city. According to Jiang Yong introduced the plan in the future, Founder Technology will also provide doctors have provided medical e-books resources, "now divided into two main business Zhongbang major directions: one direction is the digital hospital of the overall solution, and the other direction of regional health information technology solutions. In this digital hospital, a hospital Zhongbang hope to stimulate business consulting, formation of the overall hospital information solutions, including program design, software implementation, hardware integration, and even building smart and so. "Jiang Yong said. Thus, if the people will reform the health care industry as for the hospital to do so, very narrow. In the health system, hospitals are an integral part of, but also has a more complete digital information system, is beyond doubt that these IT vendors have already see clearly.

New health care reform requires changes in the concept of service IT companies

Dell China sales director Yang Pao health care industry, told reporters: "When opportunity knocks, industry will be a lot of investment, as few years ago, telecommunications and tobacco industries as financial, medical and health industries as well. Today's healthcare industry, new medical reform The promulgation will bring a new opportunity for IT infrastructure, most of the former are concerned about the health reform policy, not on IT needs, but this time just different, IT as a means to help the industry reform has not be ignored. "

Demand has been before us, and for IT vendors, how to seize the opportunity to become the concerns they had, YANG Bao Wei said: "First of all, IT vendors should be aware of their duties and tasks, in health industry tide of reform, they are a vital part, is essential for the whole industry chain, one link should be made as soon as possible to prepare the market and customers; Secondly, the healthcare industry is now facing the situation, IT vendors are in addition to sales and service teams have, but also should have a team of industry consulting experience. domestic and foreign health care industry is very different, should not have copied the system of foreign countries, to do this patch thing is meaningless. If manufacturers deep grasp of the new medical reform and the ability to quickly build a strong team to provide cost-effective products and unique ideas, market share will be greatly increased; third is personalized service. technical excellence, honesty and credit is vendor business philosophy, how to provide personalized service tailored is essential. "

Today, the medical industry have gathered a lot of energy, the major IT vendors have been concerned about their own health care and planning of the road, although they do not play a leading role, but through the support of IT technology and services can be realized as soon as possible to help the medical industry target, this is by no means good show in the medical IT vendors compete within the industry, but their services for the medical industry to bring the well-being, just as Mr. Yang Yan charge Sakamoto said in an interview: "For the future, we believe that the future of medical devices functional products, whether the gap between the level of technical or research and development will become increasingly smaller, so the Olympus in order to maintain market share, we have to concentrate on service. We believe that there is great potential for China's medical market in the future , the per capita amount of doctors has increased the market will be growing at the same time, then even if the market share of our products, even if not as high today, but there will still be great sales, so we are more willing to develop new markets, the the market rather than a bigger cake and fierce competition in the industry. "

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