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Industry News
Medical equipment industry is developing a second Five-Year Plan
Published:2010-10-20 9:59:02  Read:2668

China Medical Insurance Association Medical Director Cai Tianzhi recently briefed reporters on the development of medical device manufacturing industry situation is good, the industry's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is in full swing under development.
At the same time, Caitian Zhi said the second half of the medical device industry, export growth is expected to extend the rapid momentum of the first half of the annual growth rate will reach 18% -20%.

Encourage enterprises to "go out"

According to reports, the medical device industry, "second five" plan, will encourage enterprises to "go" to encourage enterprises to increase cooperation with foreign.

Listed companies from Dongguan Yang Pu health care stakeholders told Shanghai Securities News, the U.S. market for medical devices throughout the medical consumer spending accounts for 40% -50% of the total space is huge. The source said that the vacuum blood, for example, per capita consumption of only one year less than one, while Japan's per capita consumption of four, the United States is 10, therefore, the development of overseas strategy, adhere to the "going out" Yang will be the general medical firm approach to development.

In the "going out" process, the diving medical access to major export products are Japan, the EU importer certification, since the relevant certification takes longer, more expensive, the advantages of international product certification will enable competitors in the short term is hard to surpass.

It is reported that China's medical companies to develop the U.S. market has a successful precedent. In 2008 through the acquisition of U.S. peer into the U.S. market, China's largest high-tech medical equipment manufacturers - Mindray Medical International Limited, as the company developed products for nearly 40% of the international market.

Export growth is expected to accelerate

Medical devices in China's export growth is expected to accelerate this year. "Since 2008 the global financial crisis, Europe and other countries in the medical equipment procurement funds have shrunk, they are looking for cheaper alternatives. In China, medical device product quality and cheap as a weapon, in the manufacturing process, R & D improved continuously, based on exports soared in the next 2-3 years is also quite optimistic about the prospects. "Cai Tianzhi said of the medical device industry's export prospects.

Chamber of Commerce recently announced, according to Medicare data, the first half of 2010, Asia, Europe and North America is still the main export markets of medical devices, the corresponding exports were $ 2,164,000,000, $ 1,838,000,000 and $ 1,878,000,000, the proportion of the three total up to 89.45%.

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