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First half of 2010 the rapid growth of medical equipment exports
Published:2010-10-20 10:00:32  Read:2726

Chinese Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce recently released statistics show that during the first half of 2010, China's total import and export of medical equipment $ 10,088,000,000, an increase of 27.3%. Among them, the export value of $ 6,573,000,000, an increase of 26.86%; the average monthly export value of $ 1,096,000,000; the highest single-month export value in June, reaching $ 1,297,000,000, an increase of 40.84%.

First half of 2010, Asia, Europe and North America is still the major export of China's medical equipment market, the corresponding exports were $ 2,164,000,000, $ 1,838,000,000 and $ 1,878,000,000, the proportion among the total of up to 89.45%. Exports to Asian markets rose 30.53%, which by the ASEAN Free Trade Area of China ~ "zero tariff" impact on a substantial increase ASEAN exports 86.25% year on year. Export markets in Europe and North America were up 22.61% year on year and 24.79 percent.

According to the Beijing Hua Tong Jingwei Consulting stakeholders of the financial crisis, the Chinese medical device manufacturer on the BRIC and other emerging market development achieved remarkable results. In addition, the Chinese medical device market in Africa, the success of the export value of 234 million, an increase of 45.04%.

China Medical equipment products popular overseas, mainly due to higher cost products, and quickly improve the quality of recent years. More financial strength of the medical device performance of listed companies is remarkable, their products have changed the original situation of the mainly low-end, high-end market began to move, and has successfully established overseas marketing channels , opened the European and American markets, "lead" export.

China's exports of medical devices in many market segments, the diagnosis and treatment equipment, the rapid export growth. According to Chinese Medicine & Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce related parties, such as disposable syringes and other disposable supplies export increment is fairly obvious. In the first half, China's exports of disposable syringes was 1.52 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 21.14%. Among them, Italy and Poland's exports were up 137.75 percent year on year and 978.78 percent. Massage appliances made in the first half also exported to 150 countries and regions, the main export markets are Japan, the United States, Germany, Korea and Hong Kong region, five were up 45.04% share. Others such as monitors, CT machine, blood pressure, heart pacemakers and other equipment demand in overseas markets are larger.

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