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Explore market opportunities in China intervention equipment
Published:2010-10-20 10:05:46  Read:2783

With the continuous development of materials science and technology and intervention increasingly smaller devices, minimally invasive surgery came into being, such as the vein in the patient's groin to open a small incision, the stent can be a number of compressible micro heart pumps even Heart Disease Treatment equipment products directly into the body designated site.

Heart disease in the developed or the developing countries, both are common species. According to U.S. statistics released by the Ministry of Health, the country's adult population is currently about 15% to 20% of the existing heart problems, including the most common coronary heart disease, ventricular dilatation, heart failure, premature and other heart diseases. While the heart is difficult with conventional drug treatment. Since the 80s of last century, U.S. and European medical appliance manufacturers have developed a number of specialized treatment for heart disease, "Interventional treatment equipment", the most common types of interventional treatment equipment products, including pacemakers, heart defibrillators and vascular stents and other three categories of products. The products in the international market with annual sales total more than 3.0 billion. With the continuous development of materials science and technology and intervention increasingly smaller devices, minimally invasive surgery came into being, such as the vein in the patient's groin to open a small incision, the stent can be a number of compressible micro heart pumps even Heart Disease Treatment equipment products directly into the body designated site. Doctors no longer have to risk a huge surgery, extremely difficult "heart surgery" to install the old heart that larger intervention equipment. U.S. and European manufacturers in recent years, now a newly developed device products for interventional treatment of heart disease, a brief introduction for readers reference.
Automated External Defibrillator

Atrial fibrillation is an extremely dangerous acute heart disease. Once the patient has atrial fibrillation in the outdoor lack of timely treatment of sudden death in a short time. Therefore, patients with atrial fibrillation atrial defibrillator is a life-saving medical devices. A U.S. company last year introduced a pocket-sized portable automated external defibrillators (AED), its volume is only the size of an ordinary cigarette box can be put in shirt pocket. Once the burst of atrial fibrillation patients, the instrument automatically detected the abnormal heart rate and immediately sent to the electric pulse signal to the patient to regain normal heart beat. Automatic external defibrillators pocket invention of numerous patients with atrial fibrillation can be successfully travel or participate in various social activities.

Heart valves

Patients without long-term uncontrolled high blood lipids can lead to mitral valve damage, close lax, resulting in some of the heart to pump blood back into the heart chamber, the passage of time will gradually expand its ventricle (ventricular dilatation) eventually lead to efforts failure. This phenomenon is very common in hypercholesterolemic patients. Therefore, the international medical community that patients who have severe mitral valve damage must be promptly replaced with new heart valve, otherwise it will lead to unexpected sudden death. The development of artificial heart valve research work carried out earlier in the western developed countries. Most of the past use of animals in Western clinicians for the mitral heart valve transplant impaired, after rejection by the body can not solve the problem of the death of the patient to switch to a car accident donated heart valve transplant better. United States and other developed countries in recent years, manufacturers have developed a variety of polymer materials using inert artificial valve, which for the permanent implantation of the human body to use, it will not cause the body rejection. Including the United States and the European Union and other countries have approved the listing of the prosthetic valve.

Angioplasty interventional device

Due to severe atherosclerosis and cardiovascular stenosis and myocardial infarction is the most common countries of the world as a heart attack. The common drugs to eliminate the artery wall is difficult to accumulate a large number of lipid plaque and restoring blood flow effect. In recent years the United States and European manufacturers have developed equipment listed shape called innovative cardiovascular medical device products. These products are characterized by: the appearance of slender flexible tube, the use of special metal materials made of tiny size after compression may be the body through small incisions into the coronary arteries in CT under the supervision of the obstruction, the final automatically unfold after artery stenosis and has been re-stretched, so as to achieve the smooth and restore blood flow to maintain the effects of myocardial blood supply. The advent of angioplasty equipment by the international medical community as a 21st century device products intervention gigantic progress.

Heart chair a new product

Presided over the so-called cardiac devices, in fact, supporting the work of a new type of cardiac intervention equipment products. Some patients with severe heart failure, the heart can no longer pump enough blood supply to body organs and tissues, for them, the only way is to implant a new, healthy heart, but to find a suitable for hearts easier said than done. For a long time, but only those with severe heart failure patients in bed is no doubt in their fate. In recent years, the United States and Europe, listed a number of medical appliance manufacturers have developed new products in the heart of host devices, the development of their market, bringing with severe heart disease to be born. Because use of these is the industry known as ventricular host device (VADs) of new products that can help the heart to pump the normal volume of blood supply to body organs. In fact, VADs acts as a pocket mechanical blood pump. The purpose of the earliest development of VADs is to enable the heart transplant waiting in a long period, can successfully live, because the surgeon did not know how long to wait to find a suitable donor heart.

In recent years, with the rapid-type materials, the development of science and technology, the U.S. medical appliance manufacturers finally developed a real sense of the implantable artificial heart pumps, which enable people without waiting for a serious heart donor directly into the heart of the artificial heart intervention like the pump equipment, and better quality of life of patients. According to foreign media, such as the latest report, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center recently developed a new heart pump (trade name Impella 2.5 system), its volume than the commercial smoke only drink a little thicker with a plastic straw, the use of minimally invasive surgery blood vessel in the groin to open a small mouth, insert this pocket-sized heart pump, push it to the abdomen, can help patients to increase the number of heart to pump blood to meet body needs. 2009, the U.S. FDA has approved the first compact VADs market, the U.S. medical profession higher product evaluation.

Drug-eluting stent

Stent has become the world most frequently used in patients with severe coronary artery disease an intervention equipment products. If reported, many of coronary heart disease even after another intravascular stent installed a few, but the first-generation stent the main problem is that many patients after stent implantation, 6 months, there will be the phenomenon of restenosis (ie, stent lumen by a large number of lipids caused by poor blood flow blockage). Doctors can only be used by 2 operation to remove the bracket, then install a new bracket. Since the late nineties, foreign manufacturers have developed several new drug-eluting stent (stent can be an endless stream of such new release of drugs). These substances prevent the lipid attached to the inner wall of the bracket of drugs, including tacrolimus and paclitaxel and so on. Now, the U.S. and Europe do not add drugs on the market "light support" products has been rare, the vast majority are drug-eluting stent market bracket. On the stent, the early pure metal wire stent has given way to soft, good compression and a larger grille absorbable stent-like support and other new products. Such novel stent sales in the international market larger, their biggest advantage is not likely to cause restenosis.

Other new listing on the foreign market intervention instruments heart of new products include: all kinds of implantable atrial defibrillator, heart catheter ablation, ventricular blood flow can be adjusted and a new type of pacemaker arrhythmia (heart rate and then pacing devices) and so on. Interventional treatment of such heart device in the international medical device market will undoubtedly have a broad space for development.

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