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Rampant investment and the new darling of medical devices
Published:2010-10-20 10:13:07  Read:2904

IT technology, new materials technology and medical technology, combine to make a lot of new medical methods, but continue to drive demand in the market, the Chinese medical device industry will focus on investment in recent years.

Medical equipment with high investment return potential, high-end medical equipment manufacturers to maintain profit margins are still above 20%, the profit margin in the low-end equipment manufacturers also tend to not less than 10%.

Zhe Shirang repeatedly suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry suffered price very "jealous" of high returns. In 2006, its market capacity of more than 600 billion yuan, output value in 2010 is expected to reach 1,500 billion yuan.

China's medical device industry, both in the demand for funds, or in the investment cycle, more than the pharmaceutical operation and investment requirements. A medium-sized medical device investment projects need about 1,000 million in start-up capital, are often co-injection of several investment companies, each share 200 million to 300 million U.S. dollars. As the project progresses, continue to consider investment.

Medical equipment, another important reason for concern is the return on investment cycle is relatively short. Compared with the drugs, the production of a medical instrument can take the card within 1 year, while the drug approval requires 3 to 5 years. A medical equipment company from scratch, from small to large, but about 5 years, and investment in the Fund's investment periods are consistent. For pharmaceutical companies, this cycle at least 10 years.

Medical equipment and supporting software and hardware high-tech and professional in the field makes the threshold is very high. On the one hand is a large demand for high-input devices; the other hand, sales of the situation for the better. This makes the venture to try it.

Compared with the pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry is even more "more, small, scattered, chaotic." More than 12,000 industry-wide production enterprises, more than 145,000 enterprises, the average annual output value of manufacturing enterprises less than 700 million. With health care reform, restructuring of public hospitals, industry consolidation and the imminent reshuffle, which brought on a lot of mergers and acquisitions, investment opportunities.

As a medical device companies should make active preparations to meet the arrival of the capital. Orchid Asia Group Chief Investment Officer Yang Ruirong analysis of the medical device industry in the situation, consider the following medical device companies in these areas is a serious problem: in the development of strategic and operational management, there is no clear business model, blind expansion, resource utilization low efficiency, operating systems and process management lagged behind; in the financial and financing, there is a lack of sound financial system and regulate the financial operation of an obscure financing, financing channels are limited, the lack of qualified Finance Director and Finance Manager and so on; in the management team, the existence of an entrepreneurial team to become a professional management team changes, how to attract high-level management personnel, how to adapt to changes in the expansion of management ideas and management system and other issues; the legal issues and corporate governance, should be alert patent disputes, ownership structure and corporate legal framework in some birth defects.

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